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  • BluePower Presents....Eddie Ponder....Musician, Father And Teacher!

    I first met Eddie Ponder in 1973. He became the prime drummer for a group of excellent musicians known as The Hollywood Central Allstars. The Allstars were assembled during a time when I was endeavoring to develop business in the studio of which I was part owner; Hollywood Central Recorders.

    Eddie was born in Florida and raised in Mississippi. He played Jazz along the East Coast until he received a call to join the popular West Coast duo, Zimmerman and Greenberg for an album produced by Al Schmidt.

    Eddie was then selected as drummer for Bobbie Gentry's band and traveled the world behind her monster hit, "Ode To Billy Joe".

    The Hollywood Central Allstars were a group of ladies and gentlemen who would show up on Tuesday evenings to play music with each other. There was no commercial enterprise involved. Just musicians gathering for the love of playing off each other and to network.

    Beside Eddie on drums, some of the HCAS participants through the years were: Michelle Brourman (piano), Paul Uhrig (bass), Doug Haywood (bass), Richard Trees (guitar), Rick Cunha (guitar), John Braheny (violin), Steve Puglisi (Fender Rhodes), Warren Zevon (piano), and Waddy Wachtel (guitar). All these wonderful musicians went on to make huge contributions to world and film music.

    The Hollywood Central Allstar sessions became so popular in 1975 that the studio could no longer contain all the people who either came to play or simply watch. This is how I managed to get the studio rolling and into the black for the first time. It was fun and it worked.

    In early 1975, Eddie went on the road with Don Everly (the Everly Brothers weren't on speaking terms at that time). How's this for a band?....Don Everly (vocals and rhythm guitar), Eddie Ponder (drums), Warren Zevon (keys), Paul Uhrig (bass) and Lindsay Buckingham (lead guitar).

    As a producer, I found that Eddie Ponder could play any type of music and through the years that I operated Hollywood Central, utilized Eddie with every artist and type of music that came through the doors. This included commercials, videos, trailers and all manner of musical projects including a special attraction for Universal Studios called Dracula's Palace which ran for nine years.

    Eddie played on sessions for Timi Yuro, The Coasters, Bobby Vee and Warren Zevon in those early days. Soon, he was to be called on to play with one of the greatest country rock groups in American musical history; The Flying Burrito Brothers.

    While playing with the Burritos, Eddie found that he was to become a dad. Eddie decided to come home from the road and become prepared for the greatest responsibility a man can have; fatherhood.

    In order to sustain himself and his family, Eddie became a Special Education teacher working with autistic children. A job which Eddie says was the most rewarding of all the gigs he has ever had.

    Mr. Ponder is currently keeping his sticks in play with the fabulous Ms. Spanky McFarlane and Our Gang. If you see they're playing.... go and see them.

    Eddie Ponder is a great musician, loving father and astute teacher. Not to mention, a truly great friend.

    Thank you my friend, for all your help and support throughout the years.

    John Rhys/

    Eddie Ponder 1941/2018 Rest In Peace My Dear Friend.

    Eddie Ponder....Musician, Father and Teacher!
  • Good Morning Blues Podcast!

    I have always wanted to do a "Good Morning" show on the air. The closest I ever came was doing the hog report at a station in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

    Undaunted....I keep going for it.

    The unexpected is what you can expect from Good Morning Blues. BluePower has in it's vaults, many unreleased gems begging to be heard.

    This show prepared for September 19, 2005.

    Here is the program for Part One:

    1)...."Hand Clappin'"
    Red Prysock/Mercury
    Barry McCabe and The BMC Band/lable unknown
    3)...."It's All Over Now"
    The Valentinos/SAR
    4)...."No Money Down"
    Chuck Berry/Chess
    5)...."Petroleum Blues"
    Johnny Cunningham/unreleased
    6)...."Get Your lies Straight"
    Terry Evans/Pointblank
    7)...."Ev'rybody's Got The Blues"
    John Stevenson/unreleased (as far as I know)
    8)...."Troubles, Troubles, Troubles"
    Clarence Henry/Argo
    9)...."Hand Clappin'"
    Red Prysock/Mercury

    Good Morning Blues Podcast!

  • It's Time To Make A Stand!

    We're having some fun now!

    I'm bitchin' and whining and totally carrying on.

    I do have the help of some sterling folks to help me through the show however. Their music is the true saving grace. BluePower is taking no prisoners from now on!

    Here's the list of tonight's artists and their contributions:

    1)....Theme.....Cliffdweller...."When The World Is Runnin' Down, Make The Best Of What's Still Around" (Sting-Police)

    2)....Teresa Russell....."Bustin' Loose"....(Teresa Russell)

    3)....Walter Trout and The Radicals...."How Much Do You Want?"....(Walter Trout)

    4)....Elvin Bishop...."What The Hell Is Going On?"....(Not Listed)

    5)....Stockholm Syndrome...."Empire One"....(Jerry Joseph)

    6)....Renee' Austin...."Mouth Of The Delta"....(Renee'Austin-David Grissom)

    7)....Popa Chubby...."If The Diesel Don't Get You Then The Jet Fuel Will"....(Ted Horowitz)

    8)....Theme....Cliffdweller...."Runnin' Down"....(Sting-Police)

    Here's a great line I heard a while back from one of the Iraq Veterans Against The War, Mr. Hart Viges...."An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

    Thanks for listening....John Rhys

    Thanks to....

    Mackie Electronics
    Pearlman Microphones
    Mr. Mark Hanson/Great Britain/page design
    Mr. Doug Welch/Considerable help and wisdom daily
    Mr. Steve Altman/Technical assistance
    Mr. Mike Toth

  • BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia!

    Since we have been involved with BluePower, we have been sent the Blues from some strange places. The country of origin for tonight's music is certainly not a place known for the Blues. Until now, that is. The music and artists for tonight's show come from the relatively little known country of Catalonia. To be quite honest, I have been to Barcelona, Spain before and never knew it was the capitol of Catalonia. I always thought Barcelona was part of Spain. Well....that's a long story and one you should possibly dig into a bit. Catalonia's history is worth studying.

    Catalonia is a Mediterranean country located on the northwestern triangle of the Iberian Peninsular. Historically, it's location has turned it into a land of peace, where various peoples and cultures have come together.

    The CD we're presenting tonight is titled Blues Cat and features artists who all hail from Catalonia, Spain.

    The CD was sent to us from our friend, Vicente Zumel of Barcelona. Vicente has been producing and hosting a Blues radio show in Barcelona for 25 years called La Hora Del Blues. The man has a remarkable set of archives and does a wonderfully impromptu show. Please give a listen when you have time.

    BluePower sends it's congratulations to all the talented artists of Catalan and apologizes for the fact that we could not get to all the great players on Blues Cat this time around. We hope you'll forgive us.

    Thanks for tuning in.
    John Rhys/

    Tonight's artists are:

    1)....Theme...."Koz's Walk"....Koz Kosinski
    2)...."Woatinee"....Amadeu Casas
    3)...."Blues Through My Veins"....Alex A. & TNT
    4)...."Sugar Sweet"....Joan Pau Cumellas-Miguel Talavera
    5)...."Drowning In The Blues"....Loti Lewis
    6)...."Waiting At The Train Station"....Joan Vinyals-Cece Giannotti
    7)...."Trist Gris"....Errol Woiski
    8)...."Cara De Foc"....Big Mama & Joan Pau Cumellas
    9)...."Cansat"....Blues De Picolat
    10)..."Jungle's Groove"....Lluis Coloma

    BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia!

    Click here to go to....La Hora Del Blues!
  • About Us...

    John Rhys


    "My only friends were the kids of the black folks who worked for my stepfather at The Flint River Inn. It was on those occasions when my stepfather was away that I got to hear what was to become a lifelong love. The Blues. Race music it was called then. The last selection list on the old Wurlitzer juke box".

    In 1947 I climbed on a Coca Cola crate so that I could see the selections on my Dad's Wurlitzer juke box. The juke box was located in the night club section of a business called The Flint River Inn, located just outside Cordele, Georgia.

    I climbed up there for the first time not knowing what to expect. There, in front of me, was a mechanism that contained a series of flat discs that played music. That music was listed in front of the machine in categories.

    There was Country, Popular, Big Band, and way down at the end was a category called "Race".

    Now I didn't quite know what to think about that so I dropped a nickel into the slot and pushed one of the selections in the "Race" category.

    This music was different. It had a "beat". The snare drum was way out front. The harmonies were velvet. It was a Wynonie Harris song. The man was a monster. As soon as the record started playing, some of the folks who worked for my dad, started dancing and clapping their hands. One of the ladies picked me up and danced with me. I loved it. She later told me it was the blues I had played.

    Called "Race" because it was predominantly recorded by blacks for black entertainment. (Sold mostly by white record companies however).

    The feelings I felt that first time I heard the blues, will never leave me. A young man, just come from England to a strange and different land where the only new friends were black people and their children, built a bridge in my heart. The loneliness disappeared and was replaced by a never ending love of all that is The Blues and The South. The players, the history and the music have been an integral part of my life ever since and I'm sure will be until I die.

    Bluepower will be a gathering point for anyone in the world who would like to learn about The Blues and it's contributions to the American musical art form.

    The life and death struggle of a displaced people trying desperately to hold on to a small amount of dignity and some remnants from their past, must be saved for future generations to observe and from which to learn.

    But most of all I love the blues because it makes me feel good. It always has.

    John Rhys Eddins/BluePower


    Lori Rhys

    Raised in Queens, New York; Lori moved to L.A. in 1975. Her first job on the west coast was at a Beverly Hills boutique, Right Bank Clothing Company; where the clientele would have been and was comfortable gracing any red carpet. After managing a boutique called Apropos, her next position was at Anita De Thomas & Assocs., a business managment firm whose stable boasted another star-filled cast. Following that she worked with Joey Reynolds in the Creative Services Dept. of 20th Century Fox Records, a truly crazy experience.

    Now a Board Certified Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractor, working from her home office; she divides her time to work with John. John & Lori's, love at first sight, romance has produced two amazing children (just ask their unprejudiced parents) and has persisted through many trials. Together they host the Getting Back to Love Series and grapple with the many business aspects of

    Mark Hanson

    Mark Hanson is 39 years old and lives in Leicestershire, England. Mark has studied computer graphics and graphics design.


    Mr. Hanson grew up on black music, especially The Ink Spots, Mills Brothers and The Platters; his parents favorites.

    One day, his sister introduced Mark to Northern Soul and Motown. Two of Mark's relations were DJ's in the mid-70's in the Northern Soul scene. Upon seeing this growing phenomena, Mark decided to become part of the scene. Mark became a promoter, DJ and one of Northern Soul's strongest supporters.

    By the early 80's, Mark was into the Northern Soul scene properly along with his second love; motor scooters. He started collecting Soul and Deep Soul records but his first love is 60's Detroit records along with Soul music from artists residing in Chicago, Philadelphia and the Carolinas.

    In the 90's, Mark became co-editor a British Soul Fanzine called Soul Up North.