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  • A BluePower Replay....The Blues From Catalonia!

    Since we have been involved with BluePower, we have been sent the Blues from some strange places. The country of origin for tonight's music is certainly not a place known for the Blues. Until now, that is. The music and artists for tonight's show come from the relatively little known country of Catalonia. To be quite honest, I have been to Barcelona, Spain before and never knew it was the capitol of Catalonia. I always thought Barcelona was part of Spain. Well....that's a long story and one you should possibly dig into a bit. Catalonia's history is worth studying.

    Catalonia is a Mediterranean country located on the northwestern triangle of the Iberian Peninsular. Historically, it's location has turned it into a land of peace, where various peoples and cultures have come together.

    The CD we're presenting tonight is titled Blues Cat and features artists who all hail from Catalonia, Spain.

    The CD was sent to us from our friend, Vicente Zumel of Barcelona. Vicente has been producing and hosting a Blues radio show in Barcelona for 25 years called La Hora Del Blues. The man has a remarkable set of archives and does a wonderfully impromptu show. Please give a listen when you have time.

    BluePower sends it's congratulations to all the talented artists of Catalan and apologizes for the fact that we could not get to all the great players on Blues Cat this time around. We hope you'll forgive us.

    Thanks for tuning in.
    John Rhys/

    Tonight's artists are:

    1)....Theme...."Koz's Walk"....Koz Kosinski
    2)...."Woatinee"....Amadeu Casas
    3)...."Blues Through My Veins"....Alex A. & TNT
    4)...."Sugar Sweet"....Joan Pau Cumellas-Miguel Talavera
    5)...."Drowning In The Blues"....Loti Lewis
    6)...."Waiting At The Train Station"....Joan Vinyals-Cece Giannotti
    7)...."Trist Gris"....Errol Woiski
    8)...."Cara De Foc"....Big Mama & Joan Pau Cumellas
    9)...."Cansat"....Blues De Picolat
    10)..."Jungle's Groove"....Lluis Coloma

    Click here to play....BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia!

    Click here to go to....La Hora Del Blues!

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  • Bobby Barth....Slidemaster!

    I've known Bobby Barth since he was nineteen years old. We met in 1974. That seems like a mighty long time ago. I've witnessed a lot of talented guitarists since then and Bobby rates as one of the best players I've ever heard.

    Bobby is an ornery, cantankerous man. Not prone to offering compliments to many people. I don't like to brag but Bobby gave me a compliment about a year ago.

    Bobby stayed with Lori and I for a bit during the early eighties. During that time, we would sit and play guitar well into the night. Now me, I'm just a hack when it comes to picking the guitar. The one thing I do well is the Merle Travis "double thumb" technique. Bobby asked me to teach him the technique. Bear in mind, this was sometime around 1984.

    About a year ago (2006) Bobby called me and said, "Listen to this." he then proceeded to play some of the most low-down and beautiful , slide-driven Blues I had ever heard. I was flabbergasted. Bobby said, "I just wanted to thank you for teaching me that technique. It only took me a couple of decades to learn it." And he proceeded to laugh.

    In March, Lori and I went to New Orleans. While we were there, Bobby and his wife Nancie had us stay with them for several days. Bobby showed us the city of New Orleans and all it's manifest ups and downs. The night before we left for LA, I managed to get him to sit down for a few minutes for an interview. In this interview Bobby plays some astonishing slide guitar.

    We think you will enjoy this interview as it covers a lot of territory. Bobby plays three pieces on this video. Three pieces of shear magic. See for yourself.

    Thanks for watching.
    John Rhys/Guitar Speak

    Click below to play: Bobby Barth....Slidemaster Of Blackfoot!

    Bobby Barth plays Dean Guitars Exclusively!

  • A BluePower Profile....50 Sticks Of Dynamite!

    A band is said to be a sum of its parts...if you were to remove Ian McFadyen from the equation you'd probably be left with less than a dozen sticks of Dynamite...Ian writes and sings most of the bands repertoire and his 6'2" suit and tie clad "Mr. Clean" persona is impossible to ignore as he powerfully unleashes an electric wall of sound from his amplified 5 string banjo complete with double cut-away black horns. In forming the band, Ian recruited friend and mythical musician Whitey Wingland to be his wingman on guitar and harmonica, met bassist Michael Dominguez via a mutual friend, and when their original drummer skipped town...Chris Jensen eagerly accepted the invitation to become 50's regular drummer.

    The band is definitely building it's following of those who can't seem to get enough. It's interesting to see 50 Sticks fans come into the room cool, calm and collected only to leave at the end of the night drenched in their own sweat, a little hoarse from hollering and with authentic smiles from ear to ear...they kind of look like they've had a huge blast. Expect to hear 50 Sticks of Dynamite blow the roof off a place near you soon...better yet…be there when they detonate next!

    Bio from:
    Photo by: Kevin Eckert-Smith

    Thanks for listening!
    John Rhys

    Here's The Music:

    1...."Better Man"....50 Sticks Of Dynamite
    2...."Walkin' Tall Blues"....50 Sticks Of Dynamite
    3...."Be My Woman"....50 Sticks Of Dynamite
    4...."Carry Me Down To My Grave"....50 Sticks Of Dynamite

    Click Below To Play:

  • A BluePower Re-Run....Walter Trout Comes Full Circle!

    When the term 'full circle" is mentioned, generally it means that the person or object has come back to the beginning. Such is the case with Walter Trout. Walter began playing out many years ago and as he made his way, he managed to play with many wonderfully talented folks.

    On his new CD, Full Circle, Walter has invited some of his old friends to join him on various cuts.

    Among Walter's circle of friends are John Mayall, Guitar Shorty, Jeff Healey, Bernard Allison, Finis Tasby and many other gifted musicians. Most of which will be heard on this show.

    Full Circle is certainly one of the best guitar records made in many a year and Walter Trout proves he can duel with the best.

    The Music is:

    1...."Hand Clappin'.... Red Prysock
    2...."Who's Listenin' In"....Walter Trout and Coco Montoya
    3...."Workin' Overtime"....Walter Trout and Jeff Healey
    4...."After Hours"....Walter Trout and Deacon Jones
    5...."Firehouse Mama"....Walter Trout and Eric Sardinas
    6...."Can't Help Fallin' Apart"....Walter Trout and Finis Tasby
    7...."Wrapped Around Your Finger"....Walter Trout and Guitar Shorty
    8...."When Will It Ever Change"....Walter Trout and Bernard Allison
    9...."Clouds On The Horizon"....Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa

    Enjoy the show!

    John Rhys-Eddins

  • Guns And God!

    Mr. Thomas Paine once wrote; These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

    Our observation of freedom in America has been tied to wanton consumption. For many years, good jobs easily had, were the backbone of American society paying for the goods and services every American enjoyed so freely. Truly....our cups "did" runneth over.

    Now, nearly all Americans are working twice as hard and twice as long in order to make ends meet. People are working for corporations with voracious appetites for more and more profit, the easy time in the sun is over and there are dark days ahead.

    Fear now blasts from every audio orifice since the corporate heads found that fear increases sales to a weary public. This must be stopped!

    Guns and God are two of the leading protagonists in a world being torn apart. Though weaponry and spirituality are not the only beasts thriving in this sea of fear and corruption, they are the two major conspiritors in the division of the world today. And if you don't think our beautiful world is divided....just look around. We now see a machine of wide and elaborate contrivance and as well fitted for the oppression, impoverishment and degradation of a people as ever proceeded from the perverted ingenuity of man. Divide and conquer. Muslim against Christian. Republican against Democrat and on and on.

    A great man once said, "Music is the weapon of the future." Look out! The future is now.


    1)...."The Merry Minuet"..........................The Kingston Trio
    2)...."Guns And God...................................Lawrence Gowan
    3)...."For What It's Worth".......................Jeffrey Osborne
    4)...."Money"..............................................Barrett Strong
    5)...."Smilin' Faces"...................................The Undisputed Truth
    6)...."Compared To What"........................Les McCann and Eddie Harris
    7)...."Troubles, Troubles, Troubles".......Clarence Henry
    8)...."Livin' In The Real World"...............Bobby Barth

    It's a strange show folks. I hope you enjoy it. If you do....please pass it on. It's time to make a difference.

    Take back our freedom now! React!

    John Rhys Eddins
    Please send all death threats