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  • Ace Is The Place!

    Recently, I had the golden opportunity to browse a catalog from Ace Records in England. I was amazed at the thousands of titles available in that beautifully prepared catalog. I was whisked through time as though I were in a time machine.

    I marked down the CDs I would have liked never thinking that I would receive them all. To my surprise, they sent everything I had checked off. It was like having all my birthday wishes come true.

    The show today is a thanks to Ace for their generosity and to Mr. Alec Palao for setting the process in motion.

    May I suggest you crank up your computer and travel to Ace Records and request a catalog for your own "time travel" experience. I'm in heaven.

    John Rhys/

    Here's the music:

    1)...."I Am Looking For A Woman"....Bo Diddley....Bo's Blues....Ace Records
    2)...."Diddy Wah Diddy"....Bo Diddley....Bo's Blues....Ace Records
    3)...."Variety Boogie"....Hadda Brooks....Romance In The Dark....Ace Records
    4)...."I'm So Glad"....Skip James....Blues From The Delta....Ace Records
    5)...."I'm In Love Again"....Fats Domino....The Imperial Singles #3....Ace Records
    6)...."Blueberry Hill"....Fats Domino....The Imperial Singles #3....Ace Records
    7)...."I Did My Part"....Irma Thomas....Time Is On My Side....Ace Records
    8)...."Pretty Girls Everywhere"....Eugene Church....The Very Best Of....Ace Records

    Ace Is The Place!

    Click here to go to Ace Records for your very own catalog!

  • Bobby Womack....From Valentino To Superstar!

    Bio from: AMG
    Written by: Steve Huey

    A veteran who paid his dues for over a decade before getting his shot at solo stardom, Bobby Womack persevered through tragedy and addiction to emerge as one of soul music's great survivors. Able to shine in the spotlight as a singer or behind the scenes as an instrumentalist and songwriter, Womack never got his due from pop audiences, but during the late '60s and much of the '70s, he was a consistent hitmaker on the R&B charts, with a high standard of quality control. His records were quintessential soul, with a bag of tricks learned from the likes of Sam Cooke, Wilson Pickett, and Sly Stone, all of whom Womack worked closely with at one time or another. Yet often, they also bore the stamp of Womack's own idiosyncratic personality, whether through a lengthy spoken philosophical monologue or a radical reinterpretation of a pop standard. An underrated guitarist, Womack helped pioneer a lean, minimalist approach similar to that of Curtis Mayfield, and was an early influence on the young Jimi Hendrix. Additionally, his songs have been recorded by numerous artists in the realms of both R&B and rock, and the best of them rank as all-time classics.

    This perfomance was mixed by John Rhys at Master Sound Recorders in Hollywood.

    We at wish to extend our congratulations to our dear friend on his acceptance into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. An award long overdue to one of the true contributors of American popular music.

    Listen To Bobby Womack Live At The Roxy With Special Guest..Sly Stone!
  • Bobby "Boris" Pickett....Half Dead In Hollywood!

    Ever since I've known Bob, I have marveled at his elegance of manner, his ultra-quick wit and his well focused insight to character. We have recorded dozens of commercials and a whole lot of bits together. (He as talent and I as engineer) Through hours of being on the other side of the glass, I gained a great deal of respect for this talented man's work.

    Forty-five years ago, a tiny record lable called GARPAX released a single (45 rpm record) to the world. The A side, written by Bob and Lenny Capeci is titled "Monster Mash" and has become synonymous with the holiday, Halloween. There are very few people in the world whom haven't heard, "They did the mash....they did the Monster Mash. It was a graveyard smash!"

    And smash it was. This one song has kept Bobby "Boris" Pickett in groceries for forty-five years. Bob mentions, "It's more than paid the rent."
    Bob will be appearing at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, New Jersey on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October at the 16th Annual Chiller Theatre Expo along with Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman), the enchanting Elvira, plus Adam West and Burt Ward of Batman fame.

    His book, Monster Mash, Half Dead In Hollywood is a tremendous read and tells Mr. Pickett's history from the time he was born through today. Bob tells the truth about Hollywood and the denizens that dwell there.

    As Mr. Pickett says...."They drag me out for one night a year. It's my time to howl."

    It's good to hear you howl again my friend.

    Tonight's music is....

    1)...."It's Alive"....Bobby "Boris" Pickett
    2)...."Dead Man's Party"....Oingo-Boingo
    3)...."Monster Mash"....Bobby "Boris" Pickett
    4)...."Gallow's Pole"....Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
    5)...."Werewolves Of London"....Warren Zevon
    6)...."Sinister Stomp"....Bobby "Boris" Pickett
    7)...."Got My Mojo Workin' "....Muddy Waters
    8)...."Blood Bank Blues"....Bobby "Boris" Pickett

    Incidental music composed by: Dave Roberts.

    Half Dead In Hollywood....With Guest....Bobby "Boris" Pickett!Go to the superb website of Bobby "Boris" Pickett!

    Have a safe and sane HALLOWEEN!

    John Rhys-Eddins/
  • Rastus....The Best Music You "Never" Heard!

    From The Archives

    THE BEST MUSIC YOU "NEVER" HEARD! In 1969 I met a band which would become a driving force in my life for the next two years. I have had the good fortune to work with some really fine musicians over the years but none that could compare with the tremendous power of Rastus. My problem was that I could not get them to play with the same intensity in the studio as when they were in front of an audience. Listen in as Jim Cantale and I discuss the ups and downs of a band that was on the edge of making it big but could never cross the line to real stardom. John Rhys/

    Part One....

    Part Two....

    Part Three...
  • Matt Lucas....Hall Of Famer!

    From The Archives

    Matt Lucas plays Blues! He plays RocknRoll! He plays Boogie! He has Soul. Heck Matt even played DISCO! This guy can play it all! Matt Lucas was born in the Delta and raised in the Black land farming communities of Missouri. Matt Lucas knew he had the Blues from the first time he heard them. His songs are humorous, sad, insightful and revealing. Here is a guy who has been to the top and knows where the bottom is as well. His music tells the story of the birth of RocknRoll and he knows where it came from too. Matt Lucas knows how to move his audience out of the chair and on to their feet. His first hit was "I'm Movin' On", which was recorded in Memphis in the early 60s and became his first gold record. He took this old country standard and made it his own. Many hits followed his first million seller but this one never dies. Its back on the charts again in Europe and still climbing. Matt has just recorded another CD. Recorded outsite Memphis and produced by Lou Hobbs. Its called SHOCKABILLY and with Matts wonderfully, wild and unique style, singing these great rockabilly songs, it has got to be a hit! Matt Lucas is a drummer. One bad-ass drummer. He is one of those rare birds that can keep a beat and sing too. Matt is touring, playing festivals, and giging all over the place. If you see a tall blond guy with flying drum sticks singing his heart out - bets are its Matt Lucas.

    Part One....

    Part Two....