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  • Get Your Tickets For Detroit A Go Go!


    In case you haven't heard; there's a huge Northern Soul event coming to Detroit!
    Artists from across the USA will be converging on the Motor City, October 18th thru October 23rd. 

    Artist Meet and Greets, Special Detroit Soul & Motown record shows, Special Q&A panels with artists, producers and sonwriters. DJs spinning records all day plus a tour of historical record label and studio locations.

    Several stages will be featuring artists, The Contours, The Velvelettes, The Fantastic Four, J. J. Barnes, Kim Weston, the fabulous Pat Lewis, not mention your favorite, Tobi Legend singing "Time Will Pass You By' in person and many more.

    Never before has an event of this magnitude been staged in Detroit! If you're a collector, enthusiast or pure Northern Soul lover, you MUST be there when the action takes place.

    Life is too short to miss this "once in a lifetime" event!

    Click the poster above for all ticket info:

    See you there!
    John Rhys Eddins
  • 'The Day Radio Died'

    Brian Roberts and Humble Harve 

    From The Archives
    The history of American Radio as told by two of the most famous voices in broadcasting. No punches pulled here. True stories told by the men who lived them. Check out what they describe as the decline of American Radio and the reasons leading to that demise.
    As we now know; Clear Channel Corporation bought up thousands of American radio stations and changed them to their political bent. An entire business model destroyed in one corporate maneuver.
    Best Regards….
    John Rhys Eddins

  • The Dawn Of Doo-Wop and Rhythm and Blues!

    Pictured left to right....Brian Roberts and Humble Harve Miller

    From The Archives

    It's been almost 20 years since I listened to this program. It's a bit scratchy but worthwhile if you're into the history of R&B. We will attempt to clean up the sound a bit.
    For 38 years, HUMBLE HARVE MILLER broadcast across the airwaves of the United States. For 38 years, this single man was responsible for breaking and airing more hit records than any other DJ in the history of American broadcasting. From (excuse the term) humble beginnings at Trenton, New Jersey's, WAAT in 1958 to KZLA in Los Angeles in 1996, Humble Harve became more than a legend on American Pop Radio. He became a symbol, an icon of the term "format radio". Millions of folks across the USA grew up listening to this famous "Boss Jock". BluePower is proud to present part one of a series of historic CD's produced completely by Mr. Miller titled, Doo Wop Heaven. This series recalls all the hits in order to define that specific area of American Popular Music called "Doo Wop". An educational masterpiece!

  • Steve Altman....A Very Funny Man!

    From The Archives

    This show is actually the first show I put on the Blogger format. I put it up in April of 1999. Seems like a very long time ago.

    Dennis Miller called him the "Laurie Anderson" of comedy and Rolling Stone Magazine described his show "a dizzying disply of man and machine". 

    Tune in as John and Jeanie examine the life and times of Steve Altman, comic, actor and musician. What do the blues have to do with Steve Altman? 

    Not much but there is a bit of the blues thrown in to offset this hilarious show.

    Have fun....John Rhys Eddins