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Bobby Jameson, A Man Of Trial And Tribulation!

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I first met Bobby Jameson in Detroit in 1963. His second record had just been released and my roomate, Terry Knight, loved the record and was playing it constantly on his radio show at CKLW in Windsor, Ontario.

One afternoon, Terry invited me to Boblo Island to meet Bobby who was performing his new disc in the park on Boblo. After his performance, I was introduced to Bobby and we had a few words together. I liked him.

It was almost ten years later that I met him again in Hollywood. We were both at GRT Records on Sunset trying to collect monies that were long over due. In this office we started our relationship again and it continued until Bobby's untimely demise on the 12th of May, 2015. 

Bobby survived his brother Bill's death promptly followed by the passing of his mom. I had never heard him so down. Bobby was now completely alone familywise and when we last spoke I admit I was afraid for him. Bobby was not known to be the most stable of humans at best and would often become so angry I couldn't talk him down. He had every right to be angry as he had never received a penny for any of the many songs he had written and only tiny advances for the several LPs he had recorded for several record companies. People released his albums without his permission and kept any and all profits for themselves. Bobby had every right to be upset.

There was a side of Bobby only a few of us ever saw. That was the kind-hearted poet, the lover of anything artistic and a true talent.

Bobby and I wrote several songs together but there is only one which will explain my deep feelings for a man almost everyone thought was crazy. The link is below.

Love Is All

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