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BluePower Is Back!

For the last two years I have not been well. I found that I had a heartrate of between 25 and 32 beats a minute. On December 14th I had an episode where my heart dropped to 9 beats a minute and that's just not enough to sustain life and I almost vanished from this sphere. Had it not been for my wife Lori, who managed to do 20 minutes of CPR, I would have died. 

As you can tell, I am still here. To tell the truth, I feel like an 18 year old. 

BluePower has added to it's team and we are taking steps to make sure the Blues get the treatment and respect the genre deserves. We also intend to watch this new administration to make sure everything is on the up and up. BluePower will take them to task if that's not the case. We keep the First Amendment in the front of our minds as we work. 

So be prepared! Our team is powerful and complete with all the necessary tools to make BluePower an even more dynamic site than it was before.

Here is a list of our new team mates:

Tim Piper....Technical Consultant
Brian Rhys Eddins....Engineering and Program Staffer
Dave Schools....Programming Consultant
Doug Deutsch....Blues News contributor
Mike Toth....Webmaster

BluePower welcomes these fine folks to our staff and thanks all our friends and listeners who continued loving the Blues while I was ill. That makes us smile.

During these times of trial here in America and the world, BluePower hopes you all will continue to be safe and in good health. Remember! Freedom is the bottom line.

Thank you all for being here....
John Rhys Eddins and staff,

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