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The Word From Pappy!

My exceedingly old friend John Rhys has asked me to write a little blurb for BluePower. One would expect that I would write something guitar related, but the state of the planet and especially this country have me way too messed up to write about anything as ancient history as the music business. There "is" no music business in America anymore.

Just like the politicians of both parties, who spend millions of dollars focus grouping every word that comes from their mouths, the predators in the music business have honed their skills in making money from someone else's work to a sharp edge. You probably haven't thought about it, but some TV shows are using awful songs, recorded in a home studio, sung by people who aren't really singers, a lot of them are terrible, but never fear, a few people have started companies who's prime objective is to fill their coffers with ducats, pulled unceremoniously from some poor artists' rectum. Business is business.

They know that some production company is looking for a sad motorcycle song for a scene in a tv show. They will let you submit your masters and only charge a 500 dollar fee to join their "team". Once you're in, you can submit songs for every show of which they inform you . So the network fee has gotten lower, lower and lower, I've heard of network masters, buy outs for 350-500 dollars. Now I don't know if the "company" is making money on the back end from the networks, but they sure like the idea of paying 350 bucks for a piece in a network show.... just listen, you'll hear it. 

Musicians care about their music, they think every song they have ever written is a smash and they love their songs.

But the Vampires that were there in the 50's, who made the lion's share of the money have passed their craft on to new generations.They have turned the act of pulling money from the artist's pocket into an art form. All the while, having the artists smile, thank them, then love and trust them. Watch out for those "Smiling Faces."

Thanks to algorithms made from hit songs of the past, producers today can literally reproduce "hooks" from past hits and paste them into new songs. I know I've had my fair share of managers, producers, publishers bend me over the couch. I still don't own the biggest hits I've written. They have passed from this company to that company and now I'm just too old to chase them down and shoot 'em. Just kidding.... kinda.

Well, as usual, I've gone into the music business, when I intended to write about state of the country and our odds of the USA surviving another 50 years. I promise I'll write about it next time, unless I get a new guitar or write what will be the greatest song ever written, then all bets are off.

Pappyville, Florida

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