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Jackie Lomax, An Honorable Man!

It was late in 1975 that I found a gentleman waiting in the lobby of my small studio in Hollywood, California. The man was of English decent and said he understood that I was also British. After a cup of coffee, he discussed his reason for coming to me.

It seemed he needed to make a demo for submission to record companies so that he could procure a record deal for himself. His name was Jackie Lomax. He then proceeded to play some of the tunes he wished to record. I was astounded! Being a record producer most of my life, I looked for artists who were gifted writers and performers. Jackie was both.

He asked if I would front the studio time for the demos and he would return the favor by paying the studio back at full bore plus 15%. Of course I knew of whom Jackie was as I had been a Capitol Records producer during the time of The Beatles and the beginnings of Apple Records on which Jackie Lomax had one of the first releases as an independent artist. In essence, I knew Jackie was an artist of note and therefore decided I would take the shot.

The studio time was arranged and Jackie said he had all the musicians but the keyboard player. I suggested Johnny Stephenson, a phenomenal player who resided in Hollywood. Johnny signed on to the project and we were off.

The night for tracking came and all the musicians were in place. Roy Alfred, a young and gifted engineer who worked for me at Hollywood Central set up the studio as Jackie and I worked with the musicians.

The tracks we cut came out beautifully and Jackie laid down his lead vocals like a pro.

When the tracks were complete, young Roy Alfred mixed the tracks to perfection and the masters were given to Jackie. He said he would return when he had secured a record deal from someone. Roy and I sat that night in the control room after everyone was gone and we had secured the studio discussing whether or not Jackie would ever come back to repay the loan. One never knew.

Several months later, Jackie walked in to the studio with a big smile, telling us he had done a deal with Capitol Records and then commenced to cut us a check for the full amount agreed. Jackie Lomax was not only terrifically talented but honorable man.

What is sad in this story is the record that was finally released by Capitol had none of the original demo's energy and seemed to stray completely from Jackie's original intent. I have no idea why but it made me sad.

For years, I have kept the original demos in my vault and never released them to the world. I must do that now that Jackie is gone so that people will know how the original versions of these songs sounded.

I am truly sorry that the musicians list disappeared through the years. I hope that someone who was on that session can fill me in and I will list them all, as the players were as good as they come.

Here are the original recordings as they were mixed in 1975. Enjoy!

1...."Soul Light"

2....More (Livin' For Lovin')


4...."Who's Foolin' Who"

Please help us find who the band members are. Reports are starting to come in a bit at a time. If you played this session, please let us know.

Lead vocals....Jackie Lomax
Bass................Kim Gardner
Slide guitar, guitar....Paul Barrere 
BGs.....Lea Santos (strong on "Soul Light")
Drums....Stu (someone) 


  • John...

    A great story that says much about the kind of man that was the late, Jackie Lomax. I appreciate your reminiscence and your sharing the remarkable demos for what later became, Livin' For Lovin'. I plan to share your tale via my own site, BWBW.

  • Wow.... Wow Wow Wow... Thank you so much for this.