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Matt Lucas....Hall Of Famer!

From The Archives

Matt Lucas plays Blues! He plays RocknRoll! He plays Boogie! He has Soul. Heck Matt even played DISCO! This guy can play it all! Matt Lucas was born in the Delta and raised in the Black land farming communities of Missouri. Matt Lucas knew he had the Blues from the first time he heard them. His songs are humorous, sad, insightful and revealing. Here is a guy who has been to the top and knows where the bottom is as well. His music tells the story of the birth of RocknRoll and he knows where it came from too. Matt Lucas knows how to move his audience out of the chair and on to their feet. His first hit was "I'm Movin' On", which was recorded in Memphis in the early 60s and became his first gold record. He took this old country standard and made it his own. Many hits followed his first million seller but this one never dies. Its back on the charts again in Europe and still climbing. Matt has just recorded another CD. Recorded outsite Memphis and produced by Lou Hobbs. Its called SHOCKABILLY and with Matts wonderfully, wild and unique style, singing these great rockabilly songs, it has got to be a hit! Matt Lucas is a drummer. One bad-ass drummer. He is one of those rare birds that can keep a beat and sing too. Matt is touring, playing festivals, and giging all over the place. If you see a tall blond guy with flying drum sticks singing his heart out - bets are its Matt Lucas.

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