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BluePower Presents....The Stax Story!

There's an old saying
That goes like so
Keep trying
And you'll get where you want to go
When things get rough
Buckle down
Don't give up
You can conquer the world with your original sound.
They knocked at the front door
And couldn't get in
They heard a sound and went to the back door
And the sound let them in.

(This is an unattributed poem from an early Stax Records publicity release.)


In 1961, I had the good fortune of working for a great gentleman and famous record promotion man, Joe Galkin.

We were traveling through the deep south, promoting along the way when we came to Memphis, Tennessee. Joe said the first stop we were going make was at some friends of his who had just started a small record label named Satellite.

We pulled into the black section of Memphis and turned onto McLemore Street and stopped in front of an old theatre; The Capitol. Inside The Capitol was a small record store. I was introduced a white lady whose name was Estelle Axton. She was selling records to a couple of young folks while the music blared through the small store.

Little did I know at the time that this was the humble beginning of what would become one of the most powerful music driven companies in the world....Stax Records.

There is no one in the world who has not heard a Stax record. This company also became one of the most important driving agencies for political change in the USA. Certainly a great deal more than Motown until Marvin Gaye was allowed to release his famous What's Goin' On LP.

Stax Records. The name today is still rich in associations. Carla and Rufus Thomas, Sam and Dave, Booker T. and the MG's, Otis Redding....the roll call could go on and on. A tiny label that started out in 1960 renting a unused movie theater in a shabby neighborhood that was going from white to black.

On the theater marquee would soon appear in giant letters of red plastic,


BluePower is presenting these three shows in order that our listeners may hear all three shows with just one click. Once again....The music says it all!

John Rhys/

Part One....The Stax Story!

Part Two....The Stax Story!

Parts of intro piece compliments of Peter Guralnick from his wonderful book....Sweet Soul Music.

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