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BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia!

Since we have been involved with BluePower, we have been sent the Blues from some strange places. The country of origin for tonight's music is certainly not a place known for the Blues. Until now, that is. The music and artists for tonight's show come from the relatively little known country of Catalonia. To be quite honest, I have been to Barcelona, Spain before and never knew it was the capitol of Catalonia. I always thought Barcelona was part of Spain. Well....that's a long story and one you should possibly dig into a bit. Catalonia's history is worth studying.

Catalonia is a Mediterranean country located on the northwestern triangle of the Iberian Peninsular. Historically, it's location has turned it into a land of peace, where various peoples and cultures have come together.

The CD we're presenting tonight is titled Blues Cat and features artists who all hail from Catalonia, Spain.

The CD was sent to us from our friend, Vicente Zumel of Barcelona. Vicente has been producing and hosting a Blues radio show in Barcelona for 25 years called La Hora Del Blues. The man has a remarkable set of archives and does a wonderfully impromptu show. Please give a listen when you have time.

BluePower sends it's congratulations to all the talented artists of Catalan and apologizes for the fact that we could not get to all the great players on Blues Cat this time around. We hope you'll forgive us.

Thanks for tuning in.
John Rhys/

Tonight's artists are:

1)....Theme...."Koz's Walk"....Koz Kosinski
2)...."Woatinee"....Amadeu Casas
3)...."Blues Through My Veins"....Alex A. & TNT
4)...."Sugar Sweet"....Joan Pau Cumellas-Miguel Talavera
5)...."Drowning In The Blues"....Loti Lewis
6)...."Waiting At The Train Station"....Joan Vinyals-Cece Giannotti
7)...."Trist Gris"....Errol Woiski
8)...."Cara De Foc"....Big Mama & Joan Pau Cumellas
9)...."Cansat"....Blues De Picolat
10)..."Jungle's Groove"....Lluis Coloma

BluePower Presents....The Blues From Catalonia!

Click here to go to....La Hora Del Blues!

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