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Good Morning Blues Podcast!

I have always wanted to do a "Good Morning" show on the air. The closest I ever came was doing the hog report at a station in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Undaunted....I keep going for it.

The unexpected is what you can expect from Good Morning Blues. BluePower has in it's vaults, many unreleased gems begging to be heard.

This show prepared for September 19, 2005.

Here is the program for Part One:

1)...."Hand Clappin'"
Red Prysock/Mercury
Barry McCabe and The BMC Band/lable unknown
3)...."It's All Over Now"
The Valentinos/SAR
4)...."No Money Down"
Chuck Berry/Chess
5)...."Petroleum Blues"
Johnny Cunningham/unreleased
6)...."Get Your lies Straight"
Terry Evans/Pointblank
7)...."Ev'rybody's Got The Blues"
John Stevenson/unreleased (as far as I know)
8)...."Troubles, Troubles, Troubles"
Clarence Henry/Argo
9)...."Hand Clappin'"
Red Prysock/Mercury

Good Morning Blues Podcast!

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