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BluePower Presents....Eddie Ponder....Musician, Father And Teacher!

Eddie PonderI first met Eddie Ponder in 1973. He became the prime drummer for a group of excellent musicians known as The Hollywood Central Allstars. The Allstars were assembled during a time when I was endeavoring to develop business in the studio of which I was part owner; Hollywood Central Recorders.

Eddie was born in Florida and raised in Mississippi. He played Jazz along the East Coast until he received a call to join the popular West Coast duo, Zimmerman and Greenberg for an album produced by Al Schmidt.

Eddie was then selected as drummer for Bobbie Gentry's band and traveled the world behind her monster hit, "Ode To Billy Joe".

The Hollywood Central Allstars were a group of ladies and gentlemen who would show up on Tuesday evenings to play music with each other. There was no commercial enterprise involved. Just musicians gathering for the love of playing off each other and to network.

Beside Eddie on drums, some of the HCAS participants through the years were: Michelle Brourman (piano), Paul Uhrig (bass), Doug Haywood (bass), Richard Trees (guitar), Rick Cunha (guitar), John Braheny (violin), Steve Puglisi (Fender Rhodes), Warren Zevon (piano), and Waddy Wachtel (guitar). All these wonderful musicians went on to make huge contributions to world and film music.

The Hollywood Central Allstar sessions became so popular in 1975 that the studio could no longer contain all the people who either came to play or simply watch. This is how I managed to get the studio rolling and into the black for the first time. It was fun and it worked.

In early 1975, Eddie went on the road with Don Everly (the Everly Brothers weren't on speaking terms at that time). How's this for a band?....Don Everly (vocals and rhythm guitar), Eddie Ponder (drums), Warren Zevon (keys), Paul Uhrig (bass) and Lindsay Buckingham (lead guitar).

As a producer, I found that Eddie Ponder could play any type of music and through the years that I operated Hollywood Central, utilized Eddie with every artist and type of music that came through the doors. This included commercials, videos, trailers and all manner of musical projects including a special attraction for Universal Studios called Dracula's Palace which ran for nine years.

Eddie played on sessions for Timi Yuro, The Coasters, Bobby Vee and Warren Zevon in those early days. Soon, he was to be called on to play with one of the greatest country rock groups in American musical history; The Flying Burrito Brothers.

While playing with the Burritos, Eddie found that he was to become a dad. Eddie decided to come home from the road and become prepared for the greatest responsibility a man can have; fatherhood.

In order to sustain himself and his family, Eddie became a Special Education teacher working with autistic children. A job which Eddie says was the most rewarding of all the gigs he has ever had.

Mr. Ponder is currently keeping his sticks in play with the fabulous Ms. Spanky McFarlane and Our Gang. If you see they're playing.... go and see them.

Eddie Ponder is a great musician, loving father and astute teacher. Not to mention, a truly great friend.

Thank you my friend, for all your help and support throughout the years.

John Rhys/

Eddie Ponder 1941/2018 Rest In Peace My Dear Friend.

Eddie Ponder....Musician, Father and Teacher!

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