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A Brief History of the Blues: Part 1

The Blues - A Brief History

We thought we would start the new year off with a Brief History Of The Blues.

We tried to let folks know where the Blues came from and how it was transmitted throughout the world. Mind you; it is brief.

I've written the tightest show yet and still it covers a lot of territory.

We hope you enjoy it!

Click player below to LISTEN!

A Brief History Of The Blues: Part 1


PART ONE: In The Beginning

Fife and Drum....circa 1930's
Field Holler....Parchman Farm....circa 1940's
Field Holler....Parchman Farm....circa 1940's
"Po Boy Blues"....John Dudley/61 Highway Mississippi/Rounder
"Rollin' And Tumblin'"....Rose Hemphill/61 Highway Mississippi/Rounder
"Honky Tonk" (Pt. 1)....Bill Doggett/The History Of King Records/King
"Good Rockin' Tonight"....Wynonie Harris/The Best Of/Decca
"Dust My Broom"....Robert Johnson (Columbia)
"Dust My Broom"....Elmore James (Jewel/Paula)
"Burrenstone Sunrise"....Barry McCabe w/Davy Spillane/The Peace Within/RRCD/Ireland
"Lookin' For Love"....The Acoustic Blues Trio/Label unknown/Germany
"Need Your Love So Bad"....Gary Moore/Blues For Greeny/Charisma

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