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Terry Evans....The Man From Vicksburg! (DRAFT)

By Special Request! Originally from Vicksburg, Mississippi, TERRY EVANS grew up in the home of the Blues. Listen in as Terry talks about his youth and travels throughout the world of musical history. His triumphs, defeats and his personal philosophy for young musicians of today. A real story of one man's struggle to come from the cotton fields of the 30's to the sophisticated world of today's music business.
I first met Terry Evans when he was recording an album with Bobby King at Hollywood Sound Recorders. The LP was for Rounder Records I believe. I came to know both gentlemen quite well during that period and though Terry has passed regretfully, I am still in touch with Bobby King who lives in Louisiana to this day. Both men grew up singing in the church and their vocals were a blend of pure harmony.

This show was aired first on May 8th, 2000. Since that time, Terry and I worked many projects together. Both on his projects and the the product of many other artists.

God bless you Terry. May you rest in peace.

John Rhys Eddins

PLAY: Terry Evans....The Man From Vicksburg!

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