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Ruler Of My Heart-Keeper Of My Soul!

Today is our 40th anniversary and I had no idea as to what to do for my beautiful wife. I was pondering this very question on the deck at 5:30 yesterday morning when a small voice came to me and said. "Put her on a pedestal". I knew then what to do. I would explain the extraordinary circumstances under which we met. To be honest.... I still don't believe my good fortune.

But it was, on August 12th,1979 that we were married. What a day that was! All our friends and family were there and the cops came and shut down the band beside the pool around 10 o'clock.

Since then we've had many good times, some mighty down times and two beautiful children of which we are very proud. You can also throw in some big fights, terrible financial mishaps and a lot of tears. But for every tear there was always a smile and a kiss. There isn't a minute that goes by that I don't think of her, and late at night, when I feel her next to me, I thank God just to be alive at that moment.

I am a blessed man! Blessed beyond comparison and for that, I thank the good Lord every day.

I love you my Sweet Lorraine, more than words could ever say.

Happy 40th anniversary!

Your husband....John

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