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A BluePower Re-Run....Walter Trout Comes Full Circle!

When the term 'full circle" is mentioned, generally it means that the person or object has come back to the beginning. Such is the case with Walter Trout. Walter began playing out many years ago and as he made his way, he managed to play with many wonderfully talented folks.

On his new CD, Full Circle, Walter has invited some of his old friends to join him on various cuts.

Among Walter's circle of friends are John Mayall, Guitar Shorty, Jeff Healey, Bernard Allison, Finis Tasby and many other gifted musicians. Most of which will be heard on this show.

Full Circle is certainly one of the best guitar records made in many a year and Walter Trout proves he can duel with the best.

The Music is:

1...."Hand Clappin'.... Red Prysock
2...."Who's Listenin' In"....Walter Trout and Coco Montoya
3...."Workin' Overtime"....Walter Trout and Jeff Healey
4...."After Hours"....Walter Trout and Deacon Jones
5...."Firehouse Mama"....Walter Trout and Eric Sardinas
6...."Can't Help Fallin' Apart"....Walter Trout and Finis Tasby
7...."Wrapped Around Your Finger"....Walter Trout and Guitar Shorty
8...."When Will It Ever Change"....Walter Trout and Bernard Allison
9...."Clouds On The Horizon"....Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa

Enjoy the show!

John Rhys-Eddins

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