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Solomon Burke....The Lost Interview!

As I was contemplating this final piece on Solomon Burke, I realized I had known Solomon since 1961. That's over 50 years but who's counting anymore. Solomon departed us in 2012 and left a  legacy no one can replace.

I first met Solomon via the telephone in Atlanta where I was working for Joe Galkin. Jerry Wexler had given Solomon his list of local record promoters and told him to call them and speak of his new release on Atlantic, "Just Out Of Reach." He called Joe's office and I was lucky enough to answer the phone. He promoted his new record to me on the phone as he did everything else in his life, full tilt. We became friends on that phone call and remained friends until he died. In fact, Solomon was one of the first interviews ever recorded for

Solomon called me in mid 2008 and asked if I could come to his home in Northridge as he wanted to introduce me to a new CD he had just completed.

When Steve Altman (who was to film the interview) and I arrived, we were surprised to meet Clarence Fountain, one of the founding members of The Blind Boys Of Alabama and Sam Butler, a student of Clarence Fountain and ex-singer and guitarist for Keith Richards and Joe Cocker. The CD is called Stepping Up And Stepping Out and features Clarence Fountain and Sam Butler and The Boys. Solomon hinted that this album was something I had been hunting for a while and was an excellent example of blues based gospel. Of course I was interested.

This video is called the "Lost Interview" as it was misplaced for some time until it was recently located and sent over to me. When I saw the interview, I decided to put it up as a fitting tribute to my friend, Solomon Burke, one of the finest promoters I ever met.

There are actually two shows here. One video and one audio. The video interview speaks for itself as it's mostly Solomon hammering away at promotion for his latest pet project which, as it turns out, was perhaps one of his last. The audio show is culled from the CD, Stepping Up And Stepping Out. If you like the blues combined with great gospel music, you'll love this CD.

Click here to view Solomon Burke....The Lost Interview!
(Video shot by Steve Altman)

Click Player Below To Listen To: Steppin' Up And Steppin' Out!

The music is....

1...."Going Down To The River"
2...."I Know Where I'm Going"
3...."It's A Different World Now"
4...."Between The Darkness And The Light Of Day"
5...."Do What The Lord Say Do"

As always, thanks for listening. We always try to make the experience real. No purposeful BS. John Rhys

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