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BluePower Presents....The Very First Show!

BluePower actually had it's first web site set up by Mr. Ted Randall in Nashville, Tennessee in 1994. It was set up via the main web site for the great, Cash Box Magazine. We didn't have much but a few news items in the way of content back then.

One day Ted Randall called me at Cash Box Magazine where I was working as Blues Editor and told me about a new miracle called "streaming audio". He said he could add audio to the then new, BluePower web site. Little did I know what would happen as a result.

I called a couple of friends and assembled a team to organize this first webcast. I called upon a co-worker at Cash Box who had a small recording studio and prevailed upon his good nature and need for quick cash and booked some time.

I then called a lunatic with whom I had worked for years, the most eloquent, Doc Nemo and told him what we were attempting to do. Being the totally insane person he is, Doc said instantly, "Count me in!" We did the show as John R. and Count von Blues. It took about a month for Ted to get the show up and running. Things sure have changed.

The first time I tried to listen with some friends, it took so long to download that we were able to go out for dinner and play a couple of games of pool while we were waiting. we sat together later, marveling at this miracle of progress, I realized I was determined to continue producing shows over the internet and that the web was the way to the future. I'll bet I smiled for a week after hearing this show come through those tinny little speakers for the first time.

That was 1995; now it's 2019. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge but BluePower is still here. We've had some 17 webmasters; 14 different web addresses; 10 or 11 hosts and, along the road, picked up an awful lot of listeners to which we must send thanks. For without you, the listener, we would not have been able to continue. Our most sincere thanks to you all.

Since producing this show in 1995, BluePower has produced a lot of shows for the internet. I don't know how many to tell the truth but I sold a bunch of guitars in order to pay for the time.

Many thanks must go to Mr. Mike Martinez, my boss and main Editor at Cash Box Magazine and to Mr. George Albert, owner of Cash Box, for giving me the opportunity to create within this (at the time) new medium.

From to, we've come a long way. Stay tuned in the next two months for some significant changes to BluePower. After made us do it.

Here's the music:

1)...."Shakin' The Shack"....Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88s....Blind Pig
2)...."Oh Well"....Billy Sheehan....Viceroy
3)...."Get Your Lies Straight"....Terry Evans....PointBlank
4)...."Paintin' The Town"...Hans Theessink....Blue Groove
5)...."Bow Legged Woman"....Bobby Rush....Jewel/Paula
6)...."Cadillac Blues"....Blue By Nature....Shattered Music
7)...."Turn It On, Turn It Up"....Roomfull Of Blues....Rounder
8)...."Frosty"....Albert Collins....Blue Thumb

Also many thanks to Mr. Mike Toth of Spiralcraft in San Francisco for his fastidious work on behalf of BluePower, in the past and in the future. We love you Mike!

Love you all!
John Rhys/

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