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Lifeline....Music Of The Underground Railroad!

BluePower has a long history of presenting great musicians. Today's show will not deviate from this course.

Today we are proud to present a lady who gives herself; her time and effort plus her heart to helping others. Her name is Michelle Mayne-Graves and she heads up the marvelous acapella group, Lifeline. Their first adventure musically is to present Music Of The Underground Railroad.

Watch Michelle Mayne-Graves and Lifeline!

I had often heard of the Underground Railroad but must admit I really did not understand the complexity of the work involved. I have benefitted greatly doing the research for this show and if you have the time you will find your knowledge greatly advanced. If you think slavery was banished with the Civil War, think again, as there are some 60,000 slaves in America today and these indentured servants seem to have no recourse as the laws in America are tilted toward keeping these people in their prospective places. 

People who come to America searching for a better life often find themselves hired by brutal taskmasters who relieve them of their passports and their legal documentation, making them "pay back" the funds initially given them for their transportation to this country. Somehow, these poor people can never re-pay what is owed and go on to become prisoners in this great land of liberty. From truckers in the Port of Los Angeles to housekeepers who are kept locked in the place they work and live for years without the ability to go anywhere or see anyone. This is not right!

And there is "no" Underground Railroad for these folks!

Tune in as John speaks of a lady who generously gives her life to homeless veterans and proudly demonstrates what it is really like to be a true patriot.

Learn about the Underground Railroad!

Lifeline Quartet:

Michelle Mayne-Graves
Michael Fitzgerald
Quinton Fitzgerald
Walter Penniman II

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Released By: 
Yarlung Records
Recorded live in Samueli Theater At Segerstrom Center For The Arts 10/27, 2018

Recording Engineers: Bob Attiyeh & Arian Jansen
Mastering Engineers: Steve Hoffman & Bob Attiyeh

And last, but by no means least, I would like to thank Mr. Randy Bellous for giving me the opportunity to do this show. Randy is a true "human being" and  Mensch, first class.

Here's the music:

1...."Steal Away"....Lifeline Quartet
2...."Canaan's Land-Fare Ye Well Medley"....Lifeline Quartet
3...."Wade In The Water"....Lifeline Quartet
4...."If I Can Help Somebody"....Lifeline Quartet
5...."Saints' Medley"....Lifeline Quartet

Click Below To Listen:

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